“A pen mightier than ever”, Apple Pencil’s game-changing Scribble just made handwriting relevant

By Alexandra Kafka Larsson and Jonathan Hörnhagen

Key takeaways

  • Apple pencil’s input with text conversion now works in almost any application on your iPadOS, enabled by feature “Scribble”. A new e-pencil standard is likely established.
  • You can now include handwriting with an end-to-end digital workflow.
  • Pen in hand reading, highlighting and note-taking in PDFs works great with a digital pencil.

In our last article Exercising digital thinking and why Highlighter Pens are really badwe explored how to read actively with digital highlighting. In this article we explore the game-changing Scribble feature of the iPadOS 14 and the role of digital handwriting in an end-to-end workflow.

See what it looks like when we try out different ways of using this and other Pencil features when you are doing active reading. If you can do active reading this way we believe we can improve our analytical work in the long run.

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Alexandra Kafka Larsson

Founder of Content Perspective. Working to redefine work for proffessional analysts. Intelligence officer & Air Force Major (ret), loves info mgmt. LgbT